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Special Painting Preparation Procedures As Done by Merseyside Painting

At Merseyside Painting Liverpool’s leading painters and decorators, we offer nothing less than the best painting services for residential, offices, retail and commercial properties . Whether you need high-quality exterior or interior painting, rest assured that we cover both, and can work on just about any type of surface, from wall and masonry to wood and metal.

The Importance We Place on Proper Painting Preparation

The secret behind our excellent painting finishes hinges primarily on our philosophy that you can never do any painting service to the fullest without doing the necessary preparatory procedures. We want to maintain our reputation as a high-end decorator, so we have come up with our own painting preparation techniques that serve to set our service apart. The said methods are based mainly on what type of surface we intend to work with.


We apply the same technique on both exterior and interior woodwork. Our method usually involves scraping back the woodwork, then pinpointing holes and cracks on it. We then fill the said damages with a long-lasting wood filler twice before sanding the surface back to ensure a smoother finish.

Ceilings and Walls

We also look for holes and cracks in ceilings and walls, which we then open and fill twice before sanding them back. If there are cracks which run on both wall and ceiling, we usually scrape them back then sand and bridge the gaps with decorators caulk. On the other hand, we quickly remedy cracks on plaster boarding ceilings by using joining tape on them before filling them twice. It’s also standard procedure for us to sand all wall and ceiling surfaces before and between applying the coats we use. If there are also stains present, we use Zinsser stain blocker to address the issue before we start painting.

Exterior Painting

We can handle the rebuilding of any damaged and dilapidated masonry, especially window sills. The best filler for masonry issues is Toupret exterior filler, which is expressly lauded for its masterful work on filling and rebuilding masonry.


Kleenedge masking tape works best in achieving a more accurate finish before applying paintwork.

Once All the Preparations are Done, Only Then Do We Begin Painting

Before painting, we make sure that all furniture and flowers are well-protected. We usually start any paintwork by cutting in the paint with our own high-quality brushes. Afterwards, we use a hand roller to roll near the cut; then we use a mid-pile roller on the main portion of the ceiling or wall. It’s the only way to ensure a well-balanced, consistent finish close to the initial cut every time we paint large surfaces. To provide a precise finish, we straighten the hand-painted cutting twice. To adequately protect surfaces and achieve a cleaner, straighter edge, we use masking tapes.

Types of Paint We Use

· Woodwork – We trust in water-based Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell and oil-based Dulux / Leyland Trade Eggshells for painting most woodwork.

· Walls and ceilings – We deem vinyl Matt as the best for these types of surfaces because it’s easier to wipe it, and it has a little sheen and high opacity.

· Bathrooms and kitchens – Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell produces the most washable, reliable finishes for these types of rooms.

As for brands, the ones we regularly use are Dulux, Farrow and Ball, Leyland Trade, Fired Earth, and Little Greene. Nonetheless, by no means are we limited to the said brands. We also use specialist paints that range from masonry paint and floor paint to floor varnishing and exterior gloss.

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